High Performance Thermal Testing

Conduction v. Convection for thermal testing

Heat transfer via conduction is generally faster and more efficient. Depending on your purposes, conduction has a some clear performance advantages and some limitations which we will talk about. In general however, when appropriate conduction is often the best choice for performance.

Product Testing Takes Too Long

Capitol Equipment and Tech time are always expensive….there are many costs involved with time spent waiting for a test to complete.  Waiting for temperatures to be achieved is a big part of the time required for thermal test.  

Space Simulation with Small Portable System

Space simulation adds another dimension to thermal testing.  In vacuum environments heat is transferred by radiation or conduction since transfer by air currents (convection) is of course not possible without air. This is easily accomplished using thermal platforms in portable T-vacuum systems.

Thermal Test Equipment, Fix it or Replace it?

With the possible exception (almost!) of my old Honda S2000 most equipment, especially high performance equipment will require service at some point. Relative to many other types of electronic test equipment, Temperature chambers and thermal platforms have traditionally been remarkable for standing up to years or decades grueling service while remaining reliable. In order of probability, I have seen the need for service to be

Thermal Stress Testing

Thermal Stress Test can mean a few slightly different things.
Thermal stress we are talking about here is a form of testing applied in the design phase or production of most  electronic devices when reliability is important.  It often is combined with other stresses such as power up, operation at the margins of power, humidity, vibration etc.

Thermal Testing Results Delivered… to your printer

Product testing takes time and requires careful tracking of results.  Thermal Platforms and Hybrid Benchtop Chambers with the Synergy Nano controller not only speed the thermal processes, They automate plotted results while avoiding chances for error. Thus easily producing meaningful data.

Thermal conductivity: Compound, Sil-pad or nothing?

Good thermal conductivity is important to the dissipation of unwanted heat from active power components and also important to the application of thermal platforms for testing electronics.

Optimizing Thermal Testing on Hot/Cold Plates

Thermal Platforms are a great alternative to a temperature chambers for accessible benchtop thermal testing.  Keeping a few key points in mind will help make testing go as effectively as possible.

Thermal Imaging Reveals Environmental Test Performance

The Smartphone based (FLIR-ONE in this case) infrared imager is really useful for displaying very small relative temperature gradients. The Hybrid Benchtop chamber brings to your lab bench performance in the form of convenience, automation and also thermal performance capabilities that are easily seen with these relatively inexpensive imaging tools.

The Bigger Picture of Cryogenic Cooling Costs

Many people initially think of refrigeration compressors for cooling when product testing. Compressors work great for home refrigerators and sometimes they work the best for temperature chambers or thermal platforms as well. There are caveats but the main conditions where mechanical refrigeration systems work best are as follows:

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