Product Testing Takes Too Long

Temperature control algorithm to expedite testing

Simple automation of thermal testing saves time and money

Capitol Equipment and Tech time are always expensive…  there are many costs involved with time spent waiting for a test to complete.  Waiting for temperatures to be achieved is a big part of the time required for the thermal test.  Frequently the time required for internal points of products to reach temperature is estimated, instead of measured. This ‘better safe than sorry approach often ends up unnecessarily extending the test time. It is a hedge against the flip side of erroneously reducing test times to less than what actually is required for internal temperatures to be achieved. Improperly cutting test time is also very costly. When failures that can be screened out with good testing make it into the field it is also expensive at many levels.

Modern temperature controllers can monitor one or more points of a Device Under Test (DUT).  This easily speeds test time by verifying when additional slower responding points actually achieve the specified test temperature.

Thermal platforms increase the thruput rate of tests, reducing test time, energy costs and time spent tying up expensive test equipment. Valuable time is also saved time for the techs who are monitoring tests. Easily setting up automated notifications and printing or filing of test results create time savings.

Since not all products have a nice flat conductive surface suited to testing on a thermal platform we introduced the Hybrid Benchtop Chamber that provides a ‘best of both’ solution, combining the universal capability of a temperature chamber with the conductive performance of a thermal platform.  Gradients are reduced and speed is increased as benefits from the combination. Advanced temperature control algorithms are employed to speed ramping time and verify that specific internal sensors achieve specified temperature set points.

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