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Temperature Chambers for...

…RF Microwave and electronic testing and profiling. Customers doing this type of product testing often choose to feed through ports and heavy-duty shelves. The C460 chamber (shown here) is almost always set up for the Nitrogen purge gas option to reduce condensation within the chamber. Sizes vary, to see more size options, click here.

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Temperature Chambers for...

...mil-spec 810 tests. A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, “MIL-STD”, “MIL-SPEC”, or (informally) “MilSpecs”, is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Environmental laboratory testing as defined by and started as the United States Military Standard that tailored an equipment’s environmental design and test limits to the conditions that it will be experiencing throughout its service life. Although prepared specifically for military applications, the standard is often used for commercial products as well. The benefits far outweigh the cost as all facets of the industry have seen improved product quality and increased productivity due to more efficient test products.

...surface-mount electronics tested on a separately controlled thermal platform. This twelve by twelve-inch thermal platform is controlled within a temperature chamber. The coolant valve has a box that is mounted outside the Temperature Chamber. This has become a popular way to test aerospace and automotive components. The thermal stresses applied better simulate real-world conditions. The HBC144 2.0 is available only from TotalTemp Technologies Inc.

...flexible thermal tensile testing. Customers use a video extensometer to measure longitudinal strain between two applied lines at various temperatures to determine tensile characteristics of the test medium. Range -160 to 300°C and cooled using liquid Nitrogen.

Thermal Platforms for...

…RF Microwave and electronic testing and profiling and Mil-Spec test used on radar systems, satellite transponders high-voltage traveling-wave-tube (TWT) amplifiers, solid-state linear, and ultra-broadband solid-state amplifiers vertically mounting into an OEM test fixture. Some of the most advanced test systems available use these 12 x 12-inch platforms vertically in their proprietary Mil-Spec test fixtures.

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…microwave-assisted freeze-substitution of biological and biomedical Samples. The SD51 Cryo Microwave Processor utilizes controlled microwave (MW) irradiation to accelerate the freeze-substitution or FS process for microwave-assisted processing of biological samples under cryo-conditions.

More on the SD51

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Thermal Enclosures for...

…highly specialized instrumentation used in molecular and cell biology labs for data collection and analysis.

…characterizing and developing novel cell-based therapeutics equipment

…going to temperatures that will not damage the material they are made of. This example has a blower motor, heaters and runs on 120 Volts AC on less than 15 Amps. The materials used are 100% non-conductive and rated for over 80°C.

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Temperature Controllers for...

The Synergy Nano II Controller combines the functions of a ramping thermal platform controller and a data logger. Moreover, it allows users to program up to six custom outputs for special applications and optional features. Process inputs include RTD, Thermocouple, voltage, and current. Boasting the Microsoft Windows™ CE.NET operating system, this stable, feature-rich system’s sophisticated communications capabilities also include built-in remote control/monitoring.

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…Probing Covers with Heavy Duty Clamp Systems, shown on an SC144 mechanically cooled Temperature Chamber. The height is increased and larger cable notches are added to accommodate new specialized products from RF and microwave component manufacturers.

Purge Systems for...

…three purposes:

  • Keeping condensation and frost from accumulating on the surfaces of the DUT (Device Under Test) at cold temperatures.
  • To prevent oxidation of metals surfaces at high temperatures.
  • Greatly reduces the gradient effects caused by room temperature.

Probing Covers are available for all sizes of Temperature Chambers.

…Probing Covers are available built with low ESD plastics that reduce static electricity to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) from Electrostatic discharge.

…low ESD Covers are optional to Clear Polycarbonate. They are both optically transparent. Anti-static polycarbonate sheet often is slightly tinted.

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Purge Conditioning Option

This simple solution gets the air temperature inside a cover close to the platform temperature which is very beneficial for reducing thermal gradients. The purge gas is run through an extra heat exchanger in the platform as indicated with arrows; this gives the user the ability to keep the temperature of the purge gas much closer to the temperature of the device under test. The option is available upon request on all models of Temperature Chambers.

Purge Conditioning option is shown on a Model # SD49. Six standard sizes to choose from. Non-standard sized thermal platforms manufactured by request only. Read More about size options.

Product Data Sheets

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…shutting down 120 Volt AC 20 Amp power supply. Independent Failsafe System, IFS Controller Systems protect devices that include high-performance radars, signal intelligence, electro-optical & infrared sensor data collection, and other similar Military electronics.

…Jet Propulsion Laboratories and other Space research facilities require various design variations of the IFS Limit Controllers.

Thermal Fail Safes for...

…protecting the DUT against possible thermal runaway. Shutting down power to heating and cooling circuits is very common in the event of an out-of-range hot or cold condition. The need arose quite a while ago for an Independent Fail-Safe for the Devices Under Test (DUT). The DUT power is shut down based on pre-set temperature limits. Optional fail-safe Limit Controllers are offered to further enhance safety.

  • Can be configured to your specific voltage and power options
  • A variety of temperature sensor choices, Thermocouples, or RTDs.
  • We also offer an infrared non-contact temperature sensor, ask us about it.
  • Choose your alarm type, audible, flashing light, text or email, etc.
  • Standard digital display or full-color GUI if you prefer.
  • Rackmount options are available as well.
  • Standard digital display or full-color GUI if you prefer.
  • Wide temperature range options are available from -200°C to +1260°C.

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Retrofit Temperature Controllers for...

…older Temperature Chambers built well enough to outlive their controllers. Aging controllers are really not worth repairing. This custom controller option can save time and money. We have replaced a legion of aging controllers so far. This has reduced wasteful spending and has proven to be a sustainable option for scrapping working Temperature Chambers.

…older Temperature Chambers and Mechanically cooled Thermal products that have outlived the temperature controller they were designed to run with we have the Form Factor Retrofit Program.

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The Award Winning

Synergy Nano Controller, our premier controller and also easily retrofits into legacy equipment.

Repurposing is Sustainable

…reducing wastes and recycling thermal products our customers help conserves natural resources, protects ecosystems from manufacturing waste, and encourages others to follow their good example.


For customers looking to keep costs down, we offer a simple Watlow PM6 controller retrofit solution.

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T-VAC Chambers for...

…testing for aerospace and defense industries in a thermal vacuum chamber, a requirement for compliance with a variety of regulatory standards.

…MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160, and associated hardware components that require extensive thermal vacuum testing to prepare for the extreme conditions of space.

The TotalTemp Platform can be integrated into an existing vacuum chamber, as is shown in the picture on left, or we can provide a complete turnkey system to solve your space simulation or other thermal vacuum challenges. Click here for more information about Space Simulation Chamber.

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