Thermal Platforms

Thermal Platforms

TotalTemp’s Mission is to provide better functionality and support to customers with more affordable thermal testing systems.


Standard Temperatures Range -100°C to +200°C (-148°F to 392°F)
Extended Ranges Available.

Featured Products

SD49 Thermal Platform

6.5″ x 7.5″ Surface

  • Small footprint for minimal impact
  • Excellent access to DUT
  • Energy-efficient temperature cycling
  • Extremely fast temperature transition rates
  • Hard-plated anodized surface for durability

SD144 Thermal Platform

12″ Square Surface

  • Low initial purchase cost
  • High-accuracy temperature sensors for precise control
  • Abundant heater arrangement for low surface gradients
  • Rugged Stainless Steel chassis
  • Adapter plates available

Thermal Platforms are perfect for using conductive transfer to test components hot and cold, they work best for parts with a low or flat physical profile. They transfer heat outstandingly for programmed or very rapid heating and cooling transition times (that’s why they’re called hot plates or cold plates as well), and have a precise temperature control every time from cryogenic temperatures to extremely hot

The incorporation of these hot/cold plates in your testing process can be a great alternative to an environmental chamber.

More Thermal Platform Types & Sizes

Also known as hot plates, thermal plates, or hot/cold plates.


3.75″ x 3.75″ usable surface area (14 sq. in / 90 sq. cm)
Chassis dims. (HxWxD) 3.38″ x 6.31″ x 10.31″



6.5″ x 15″ (98 sq in / 630 sq cm) shown with adapter plate
Chassis dims. (HxWxD) 3.38″ x 17.38″ x 12.25″



12.0″ x 24.0″ usable surface area (288 sq. in / 1858 sq. cm)
Chassis dims. (HxWxD) 3.9″ x 17.6″ x 26.4″



25.0″ x 18.0″ usable surface area (450 Sq. in or 2900 Sq. cm)
Chassis dims. (HxWxD) 3.9″ x 27.3″ x 23.7

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Extreme Reliability

Many products have CE mark testing and compliance to provide maximum reliability.

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Unmatched Quality

Our mission is to provide excellent products and services at accessible prices.

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Latest Technology

All products are developed with the latest technology and innovative frameworks.

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Customer Service

We take pride in providing excellence in every relationship that we build with our customers. Extended-range models are also available.


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Salvador Abarca
Salvador Abarca
Very professional, great customer service. They have the know-how and will help you with any question!
Gina D'Amore
Gina D'Amore
Amazing engineering skills for custom made thermal platforms. Quick responses by customer service that is friendly and understanding. Thank you.
Dorothy Littlejohn
Dorothy Littlejohn
Dorothy Littlehohn
Dorothy Littlehohn

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