Recirculating Liquid Cooled Thermal Platforms

Primary Features & Benefits:

The Next Generation TotalTemp Recirculating Liquid Cooled Thermal Platforms are specifically designed for customers who do not have or do not want to use expendable cryogenic coolants and who do not require super-fast hot to cold ramp times. These platforms deliver efficient and precisely controlled temperature conditioning to devices that have a flat thermally conductive surface. When using thermal conduction to condition the device at hot and/or cold temperatures, the results are much faster than using thermal convection, as used in environmental chambers.

The Next Generation Recirculating
Liquid Cooled Thermal Platforms

The unique embedded copper tube cooling channel concept designed by TotalTemp is especially conducive to simple integration (hook up) to connection fittings for tubes or hoses coming from your existing Chiller system, water reservoir, or other recirculating liquid systems. This cooling channel combined with a high-density arrangement of long-life durable AC cartridge heaters provides a comprehensive system able to deliver hot and cold temperature cycling and conditioning on demand. With extremely accurate temperature uniformity and minimal thermal gradients at temperature, TotalTemp has truly created “The Next Generation in Performance” at a price you can handle!

The TotalTemp Recirculating Liquid Cooled Thermal Platform products are designed to be retrofitted to existing systems already in the field or can be purchased as complete turnkey systems with new Recirculating Fluid Chiller Systems. You can specify the brand or TotalTemp will select the best Chiller System designed to meet your specs and temperature range. Talk to the factory for more details.

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