Thermal Testing Results Delivered… to your printer

Why is it important? 

Product testing takes time and requires careful tracking of results.  Thermal Platforms and Hybrid Benchtop Chambers with the Synergy Nano controller not only speed the thermal processes but also automate plotted results while avoiding chances for error. Thus easily producing meaningful data.

How do I do that?

The Application Note at the link here demonstrates how easily printed results from the Synergy Nano Controller can be produced.

The temperature controller on these products can directly produce PDF files, email, or output directly to a network printer.

Automate your thermal testing with no-fuss printed results.

It clearly beats the old way

Wrapping it up

In addition to being a top-rated temperature controller with many other advanced features. These plotting features save time, produce fast and accurate documentation of your test results, via printer, PDF, email – or just viewed with a standard web browser.

It can communicate to any HPCL capable printer with an Ethernet port.

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