Space Simulation with Small Portable System

Cost Effective Space Simulation :

Space simulation adds another dimension to thermal testing.  In vacuum environments heat is transferred by radiation or conduction since transfer by air currents (convection) is of course not possible without air. This is easily accomplished using thermal platforms in portable T-vacuum systems.

As is the case with temperature chambers, space simulation systems are often sized considerably larger than required due to lack of knowledge of what future requirements will be. This results in several inefficiencies.

  • Portable space simulation equipment is cheaper to acquire
  • Smaller systems dont take up as much valuable lab space to use and to store when not in use
  • Faster to pull down to vacuum and fast temperature transition times result in shorter test times required to perform tests
  • They are more efficient, using less power, generally not requiring special electrical services
  • Smaller systems are often more time efficient as you are less likely to have to share with others. Larger systems often require travel, time sharing and waiting for a scheduled-use time



Thermal platforms are a natural test equipment for space simulation.

Consider TotalTemp Technologies thermal vacuum systems for full range testing:

Temperature range +150 to -75C. Vacuum 10-6 Torr.  For small to medium sized devices. These thermal vacuum systems is flexible and fixturable to meet many MIL-STD requirements.

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