Thermal Test Equipment, Fix it or Replace it?

The inevitability of Equipment Service | High-Performance Test Equipment

With the possible exception (almost!) of my old Honda S2000 most equipment, especially high-performance equipment will require service at some point. Relative to many other types of electronic test equipment, Temperature chambers, and thermal platforms have traditionally been remarkable for standing up to years or decades of grueling service while remaining reliable. In order of probability, I have seen the need for service to be

  1. Temperature controller fails or becomes obsolete.
  2. Compressor systems require service or.
  3. Cryogenic cooling solenoid valves eventually wear out.
  4. Everything else eventually.

New functionalities in automation and reporting seem impressive and may be worth the upgrade to something new but other than advances in Ethernet control there is not so much new I see on the front of test equipment or controller communication.  Many people have valid reasons for sticking with GPIB but after at least a decade of being sure GPIB is on the way out, it is still viable and we still support it. Modern serial to USB converters make it much easier now and cheaper to communicate with multiple instruments when the cost of GPIB is seen as prohibitive.

Repair costs, especially for on-site work are always painful. Fortunately, thermal platforms/controllers can generally be sent-in to vendors for service. Often a new controller is less expensive than a repair on old equipment. The goal frequently is just getting aging systems operational for minimal cost – be it repair or replacement. Sometimes the goal is “More brains” or higher performance is preferred.

In any case, TotalTemp offers new systems, repairs on competitive brands, retrofit controllers, or maintenance parts.

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