Basics of Thermal Test

Using Purge Gas When Thermal Testing

A choice to be considered when selecting the best thermal test system is use of purge gas. Purging with gas serves two purposes during environmental thermal testing. Most often it is used to keep condensation and frost from accumulating on the surfaces of the DUT (Device Under Test) at cold temperatures. Additionally it is also used to prevent oxidation of metals surfaces at high temperatures.

Selecting Thermal Sensors: How big? How Fast?

Selection criteria of an appropriate temperature sensor for a given application can be detailed but it often does not need to be that complicated.  Two main points we are going to address today are sensor size and speed of response.  Prior discussions covered thermocouple v. RTD and in the future we will likely cover more of the environmental issues of temperature sensors such as temperature range and resistance to moisture or other abuse.

Thermal Conductivity v. Clamping Pressure

It is true that the more tightly you can clamp two surfaces together the better the heat transfer.  This is especially important if you are looking to transfer large amounts of heat from one device to another.

Thermal Test Equipment, Fix it or Replace it?

With the possible exception (almost!) of my old Honda S2000 most equipment, especially high performance equipment will require service at some point. Relative to many other types of electronic test equipment, Temperature chambers and thermal platforms have traditionally been remarkable for standing up to years or decades grueling service while remaining reliable. In order of probability, I have seen the need for service to be

Cost effective wide range thermal testing

Testing at extreme temperatures requires considering several options. Testing at hot temperatures has its issues, however, testing at ultra cold temperatures – below -40 C in most cases requires the use of expensive and sometimes failure prone cascade refrigeration systems or alternately applying expendable cryogenic fluids such as liquid Nitrogen or liquid CO2.

Selecting the Right L-N2 Coolant Delivery Hose

Expendable cryogenic liquids (L-N2 or L-CO2) deliver quick, accurate, economical and precise cooling for testing electronic systems and components.  Using the right hose will help make sure you get the best speed reliability and long term economy out of your coolant.

Thermal Testing with Conduction? – Double Check your true area of Contact!

To achieve the benefits of thermal testing with conduction, thermal platforms also known as Hot/Cold Plates are used to force devices to specific temperatures.  While Thermal Platforms may not work for every application, where they do, they offer a distinct advantage in speed, accessibility, efficiency and production throughput.  Items with irregular surfaces or even vials or beakers can often be fixtured to work well on a platform and allow for much better cost efficiency than found with temperature chambers.

Thermal Testing Equipment: Maximizing Value

In the world of Test and Measurement, there are numerous options for your temperature testing equipment.  They can have a significant impact on costs, up front and ongoing as well as ease and quality of results.  For maximum value from your equipment, it is helpful to better understand the methods and choices available to you.

How Cooling With CO2 works

Liquid CO2 (L-CO2) is a popular refrigerant and is also known as Refrigerant R-744 according to ASHRAE (Formerly the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).

Temperature Testing – Which Cooling Method is best?

Comparison of cooling methods for Environmental Testing of Electronics
Many electronic components and systems require thermal cycling in manufacturing or the laboratory for system test, burn-in or design validation.
While improvements in heat pump design allow compressors to heat as well, in most cases resistance heating is the heating method of choice, this is a discussion of cooling options. For cooling methods there are several choices.

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