Basics of Thermal Test

What is the right temperature chamber for testing your product?

A temperature chamber is an essential testing mechanism for testing materials, devices, and various components for strength and robustness enabling the product to carry out the desired purposes (see Different Ways to Use Environmental Chambers) here. The chamber can test to exceed environmental conditions. Wikipedia assures, “a robust climate chamber can mimic a relatively wide […]

Different Ways to Use Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers are used by many industries to help design the perfect products or confirm safety and compliance for ones that are slated to be mass produced. For almost seven decades now, these chambers have been used to test all types of products from massive aerospace components to every day consumer packaged goods.

The Basics of Environmental Test Chambers

Testing and studying new products is key to ensuring their safety, effectiveness and applications. Since it isn’t always possible, safe, or efficient for that matter, to test products in their actual working environments, using these chambers is the best way to recreate its exact working conditions and measure the results.

Temperature Testing Practices

Many items require thermal environmental testing. Items going through product development, requiring validation for high reliability applications and products exposed to extreme environments among others require specific thermal testing.

How and When to Use Thermal Chambers for Testing

Have you ever wondered what journey a piece of equipment or machinery took before ending up in space? Or what testing was done before the rocket’s blastoff? Or why a piece of equipment failed prematurely? Well somewhere along the path to it’s final manufacturing, the components and sub-assemblies were developed and designed with the environmental conditions of where it would be operating in mind.

Temperature Chamber Choices

Thermal testing testing of products can’t be ignored. Knowing your product stands up to the harshest environments it will be exposed to over the life of the product provides proof of the design and verified quality. With TotalTemp Temperature Chambers and Thermal Platforms you can most effectively run thermal tests for burn-in or design/production verification.

Top Ten Reasons for Using a Small Benchtop Thermal Platform or a Benchtop Temperature Chamber

In today’s world, everything is getting smaller and smaller. And with it, the durability and quality of materials is only getting better. Testing smaller materials in larger thermal platforms can be slow, expensive, and an overall burden. Plus, the space in your lab should be optimized. Gone are the days of clunky, unsightly equipment. As your products and needs get more specific, your equipment should too. Here are ten reasons why a benchtop temperature chamber or platform will improve the hard work you already do.

Using Purge Gas When Thermal Testing

A choice to be considered when selecting the best thermal test system is use of purge gas. Purging with gas serves two purposes during environmental thermal testing. Most often it is used to keep condensation and frost from accumulating on the surfaces of the DUT (Device Under Test) at cold temperatures. Additionally it is also used to prevent oxidation of metals surfaces at high temperatures.

Selecting Thermal Sensors: How big? How Fast?

Selection criteria of an appropriate temperature sensor for a given application can be detailed but it often does not need to be that complicated.  Two main points we are going to address today are sensor size and speed of response.  Prior discussions covered thermocouple v. RTD and in the future we will likely cover more of the environmental issues of temperature sensors such as temperature range and resistance to moisture or other abuse.

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