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Thermal testing of products can’t be ignored. Knowing your product stands up to the harshest environments it will be exposed to over the life of the product provides proof of the design and verified quality. With TotalTemp Temperature Chambers and Thermal Platforms, you can most effectively run thermal tests for burn-in or design/production verification. Products meant for consumers have to be tested, but it’s safe to say, products going into space need far more rigorous verification. Life tests or inappropriate tests can go too far, thus shortening the life so it is important to ensure the proper testing is performed. Optimum prior testing must be done when your product is meant to be catapulted into orbit.  TotalTemp products are made with the highest quality because you need precise and repeatable results.

TotalTemp led the way when it announced the first true Hybrid Temperature Chamber/Thermal Platform Combination HBC (Hybrid Benchtop Chamber). TotalTemp’s Hybrid Benchtop Temperature Chamber provides the benefits of both a temperature chamber and platform. The Hybrid Temperature Chamber brings innovation to the thermal testing arena in being the first to combine chamber and platform capabilities. The chamber floor can be set to either hot or cold and runs independently or simultaneously with the chamber. The Hybrid Temperature Chamber comes in micro, small and medium thermal chambers. The smaller form factor and updated technology of the HBC series of temperature chambers have afforded many performance improvements.

The cycle time has been greatly reduced, and there has been a great reduction in the thermal gradients once a setpoint is achieved. The design philosophy has created an easy-to-use unit with easy access to the DUT – through the hinged lid or front door and provides phenomenal speed and thermal uniformity. The HBC utilizes power efficiently, lowering its environmental and power requirement impact. The decreased footprint of the Hybrid Temperature Chamber effectively uses lab space. Its efficiently designed user interface and automation features help get the testing done in the shortest amount of time.

The HBC system can even be purchased separately as a shroud to upgrade your existing thermal platform. TotalTemp also offers the next generation of custom-designed thermal testing equipment. The details of the chambers can be modified according to your specific needs. Examples include the new Custom Side Flow Chamber which allows for seamless integration into externally mounted racks.

TotalTemp’s Dual Channel Synergy Nano Temperature Controller allows you to control chambers & platforms independently or simultaneously. TotalTemp also makes larger benchtop easier with the new SD288-N. The SD288-N provides 288 square inches (12” x 24”)  of area for thermal testing while still having a smaller footprint than a benchtop thermal chamber.

The Dual Mode system allows for improved temperature cycling by combining convection and conduction for heat transfer. There are many types of thermal chambers, and TotalTemp can work with your individual requirements. All TotalTemp temperature chambers are reliable and provide you the confidence to know your tests meet the required standards. The equipment is all made to be accessible, user-friendly, and affordable.

TotalTemp also offers testing accessories and thermal vacuum systems (TVAC) for efficient space simulation testing.

TotalTemp thermal testing equipment is backed by their dedication to customer service with a two-year warranty for most standard items. TotalTemp takes pride in seeing its customers Success. In conclusion, when putting your space-bound or terrestrial products through rigorous tests, TotalTemp is the solution. You will know you have done your best to ensure the safety and quality of your product. TotalTemp offers many options for thermal test equipment, if you did not see your specific requirements represented in this article feel free to contact us with inquiries and we would be happy to work with you.

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