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Temperatures Range -100°C to +200°C (-148°F to 392°F)

-100°C with L-N2 or -65°C with L-CO2.

Extended Ranges Available

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Many products have CE mark testing and compliance to provide maximum reliability 

Latest Technology

All products are developed with the latest technology and innovative engineering frameworks

Accessibility & Quality

Our mission is to provide excellent products and services at accessible prices. 

Customer Service

We take pride in providing excellence in every relationship that we build with our customers

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Thermal Platforms, Hot/Cold Plates, Temperature Chamber, Benchtop Chambers

TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature cycling and conditioning equipment


Our primary expertise is based on creating thermally conductive environments to transfer heat to and from the Biomedical/Pharmaceutical sample or Electronic Device Under Test (DUT)

Features Included
Low initial purchase cost
Excellent access to DUT
Energy efficient temperature cycling
Extremely fast temperature transition rates
Hard plated anodized surface for durability
Advanced and reliable
Versatile and easy to use temperature controller

Dual Mode Thermal Platform

with convection chamber on top which combines convection heat transfer with the usual conduction heat transfer of a thermal platform.

thermal conductivity meter price
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This is what our customers say about us

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Design to Perfection: The Next Generation Thermal Test Performance

TotalTemp Technologies Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need the small null modem adapter on the Synergy Nano serial port connector for proper communication?

Answer: Synergy Nano controllers that do not have GPIB require this adapter for communication directly with a standard PC serial port. If the Synergy Nano does have GPIB, the Null Modem should not be used to communicate with a standard PC serial port.

Question: What version of firmware do I require to use the new email, network printing features?

Ansewer: Your controller must be version 3.06 or higher. Network printing also requires a registration code which can be obtained from TotalTemp Technologies or Tidal Engineering for a nominal fee. Free firmware updates available, easily installed from the front panel USB port.

Question: Controller turns on but no heating, cooling or error messages show on the display.

Answer: The circuit breaker at the rear of the controller must be on in order to control temperature. It is good practice to always leave this circuit breaker ON.
Earlier platforms do not have indication of the state of the thermal safety switch in the platform. If there is no indicator or the red LED is on, turn power off, allow platform to cool slightly then turn back on.

Question: “Alarm” message on Synergy controller or “err” message on Watlow controller shows. System will not control

Answer: Verify that smaller ‘sensor’ connector is properly connected to platform. Clear prior alarm conditions on Synergy from the Maintenance -> Alarms menu on the front panel, press “RESET” button on Watlow controller to clear “err” message.

Question: Can I use my Synergy or Watlow controller to control other brands of thermal platforms?

Answer: TotalTemp makes a customized version of our controllers to be compatible with Sigma Systems thermal platforms. Consult factory regarding compatibility details.

Question: What coolants are my thermal platform compatible with?

Answer: There are four different coolant configurations, the correct coolant must be used for proper operation. Coolant conversion is readily made. Refer to label on product for coolant configuration. Coolant choices are: Low pressure (15-35 psig.) ,high pressure (50-100 psig.) L-N2, Low pressure (300 psig.), high pressure (800-1000 psig.) L-CO2

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Our mission is to fill a need in the marketplace for reliable economically priced Next Generation Thermal Platform systems and associated products for use in Environmental Stress Screening applications.

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TotalTemp Technologies, Inc.

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