How to Pick the Right Thermal Testing Equipment For Your Unique Application

There is not really any one right way.  Items that require thermal testing come in a lot of shapes materials and sizes so there is not really one best way to test everything.

If the device has a flat thermally conductive surface or can readily be fixtured to make good conductive contact, chances are a thermal platform is best.  Physics tells us that conductive heat transfer works best but when that is not practical to get good surface contact, it is usually best to consider using a chamber or a thermal air stream system.

Also, modern control electronics allows programmability, logging, multi point control, direct network printing alarms including email alerts and much more.

At TotalTemp Technologies we can guide you through all the trade-offs, including cooling methods. We not only design, manufacture and sell some of the best equipment out there but also offer you free dedicated consulting to get you to the best thermal testing equipment that meet your unique requirements.

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