Evaluating Thermal Imaging for Temperature Test

This unit is primarily marketed as an uncalibrated tool but I found that the Flir One give some very useful relative readings for testing and evaluating purposes.  As for absolute temperature readings there is still a little something to be desired. The unit’s instructions are a little vague regarding measurement accuracies but the on screen spot reading is quite useful.

Cost effective wide range thermal testing

Testing at extreme temperatures requires considering several options. Testing at hot temperatures has its issues, however, testing at ultra cold temperatures – below -40 C in most cases requires the use of expensive and sometimes failure prone cascade refrigeration systems or alternately applying expendable cryogenic fluids such as liquid Nitrogen or liquid CO2.

Cryogenic Cooling Safety

Liquid Nitrogen (L-N2), Liquid Carbon Dioxde L- CO2) and other cryogenic coolant coolants have potential risks but can easily be safely managed like many things in the lab. The effecitve and rapid cooling these fluids produce is a great convenience for thermal testing.

Thermal Testing with Convection and Conduction… together at last!

A heartfelt Congratulation is in order for the happy and successful union of two distinct thermal testing methods that are finally sharing the same dance floor together – as the first true Hybrid.  To better understand the specific benefits from both sides of this collaboration of two testing methods, please review of the following white paper: 

RTD’s v. Thermocouples, which is best?

The question is often asked “what is the best temperature sensor for my temperature testing or environmental testing application?”
The answers can vary a lot but the two main leaders of the pack are RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) followed by Thermocouples.
If you are looking for the short answer of which is best, it is RTD’s but here is a little more to the story

Spot Cooling with Vortex Tubes – a Viable Option

When using temperature chambers or thermal platforms to do thermal testing, heating of devices tends to be more or less straight forward.  Generally electrical resistance heating, be it conductive or convection (or even radiant) is the best, cheapest and most easily controllable method.

Selecting the Right L-N2 Coolant Delivery Hose

Expendable cryogenic liquids (L-N2 or L-CO2) deliver quick, accurate, economical and precise cooling for testing electronic systems and components.  Using the right hose will help make sure you get the best speed reliability and long term economy out of your coolant.

Thermal Testing Limit Safety

Inherent in their performance capabilities are some risks, primarily the possiblity of exposing items (and people) to extreme temperatures resulting in damage, injury or combustion. When testing it is obviously important to make sure devices or samples to be tested are not exposed to temperatures outside the intended temperature range.  In cases such as flight or space hardware the cost of disqualified hardware, even if it was only briefly exposed to excessive cooling alone can be enormous.

Thermal Testing with Conduction? – Double Check your true area of Contact!

To achieve the benefits of thermal testing with conduction, thermal platforms also known as Hot/Cold Plates are used to force devices to specific temperatures.  While Thermal Platforms may not work for every application, where they do, they offer a distinct advantage in speed, accessibility, efficiency and production throughput.  Items with irregular surfaces or even vials or beakers can often be fixtured to work well on a platform and allow for much better cost efficiency than found with temperature chambers.

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