Top Reasons People Use Liquid Nitrogen for Thermal Test Cooling

Liquid Nitrogen has the ability to provide the fastest ramp rates and achieve the coldest temperatures. Temperatures down to -100ºC or colder are achievable with ramp rates over 50ºC per minute.  Typically the full range is not needed but in the event that future testing requires yet colder temperatures it is good to have the capability built in and not have to replace equipment.

Thermal Conductivity v. Clamping Pressure

It is true that the more tightly you can clamp two surfaces together the better the heat transfer.  This is especially important if you are looking to transfer large amounts of heat from one device to another.

Conduction v. Convection for thermal testing

Heat transfer via conduction is generally faster and more efficient. Depending on your purposes, conduction has a some clear performance advantages and some limitations which we will talk about. In general however, when appropriate conduction is often the best choice for performance.

Product Testing Takes Too Long

Capitol Equipment and Tech time are always expensive…  there are many costs involved with time spent waiting for a test to complete.  Waiting for temperatures to be achieved is a big part of the time required for thermal test.  

Bigger Benchtop Thermal Testing

Thermal Testing of larger modules is now made easy with new larger thermal platform models.

The new SD288-N provides 288 square inches of thermal testing area for your device under test.

Space Simulation with Small Portable System

Space simulation adds another dimension to thermal testing.  In vacuum environments heat is transferred by radiation or conduction since transfer by air currents (convection) is of course not possible without air. This is easily accomplished using thermal platforms in portable T-vacuum systems.

Thermal Test Equipment, Fix it or Replace it?

With the possible exception (almost!) of my old Honda S2000 most equipment, especially high performance equipment will require service at some point. Relative to many other types of electronic test equipment, Temperature chambers and thermal platforms have traditionally been remarkable for standing up to years or decades grueling service while remaining reliable. In order of probability, I have seen the need for service to be

Thermal Stress Testing

Thermal Stress Test can mean a few slightly different things.
Thermal stress we are talking about here is a form of testing applied in the design phase or production of most  electronic devices when reliability is important.  It often is combined with other stresses such as power up, operation at the margins of power, humidity, vibration etc.

TotalTemp’s Independent & Retrofitable Hi/Low Precision Failsafe System

This system provides truly independent safety and security from any failsafe issues that might occur and can be retrofitted to most existing Thermal Platforms or Temperature Chambers. This unit is intended to supply power to and protect any temperature chamber, thermal platform or other thermal system from selectable ranges of extreme temperatures. Designed to be easily customized to meet your unique and specific needs.

TotalTemp Thermal Platform Integrated into Space Simulation Chamber

Specially configured Thermal Platform designed for heating and cooling through conduction while in a high altitude or vacuum environment. The TotalTemp Platform can be integrated into an existing vacuum chamber, as is shown in picture on left, or we can provide a complete turnkey system to solve your space simulation or other thermal vacuum challenges. Click here for more information about Space Simulation Chamber.

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