TotalTemp’s Newest Addition: SCC98-NR

SCC98-NR is a Thermal Platform System for efficient conductive thermal testing. It features an award-winning Synergy Nano programmable temperature controller and a two-year warranty. Alternate sizes and many custom features are available to best meet your requirements.

This platform delivers precisely controlled temperature conditioning to devices that have a flat thermally conductive surface. When using thermal conduction to condition the device at hot and/or cold temperatures, the results are much faster than using thermal convection, as used in environmental chambers.

Some great features this device includes are:

  • Quickness: It has fast temperature transition rates – comparable to some cryogenic systems.
  • Efficiency: It is available with a single-stage refrigeration system capable of removing heat at -40°C in less than 8 minutes, while the two-stage refrigeration model can go as low as -70°C.
  • Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide free: No L-N2 or L-CO2 tanks are needed and there is no oxygen displacement.
  • Popular premiere Synergy Controller: It features logging, graphing and flexible compressor configurations, plus Optional Web server, print server, and GPIB communication.
  • Mobility: It’s available as a fully Benchtop Platform or benchtop platform and controller with an under bench remote refrigeration stand.

TotalTemp Technologies takes pride in fostering innovation with new technologies and continuous improvement, which is why all of our thermal platforms are guaranteed to meet the highest standards for your all-around satisfaction.

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