Custom Wide-Range Temperature Chambers

TotalTemp Technologies expands its offerings to include more products, including custom wide-range temperature chambers.

An environmental test chamber or temperature chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on electronic devices, components,  industrial products, or biological items – Chambers replicate the conditions they might be subjected to or determine properties in a specific environment. They are also used to accelerate the effects of exposure to an environment, life testing for example, or at environmental conditions not actually expected.

Such chambers are available for your specific application:

  • As a stand-alone test for environmental effects on test specimens.
  • High-performance models are designed to rapidly heat and cool with expendable coolants such as L-N2.
  • Custom configurations include hot-only, extended range, combined convection, and conduction or Boosted models which use both refrigeration systems and expendable cryogenic coolants.

At TotalTemp we offer several standard size models, each one customizable to meet your requirements. We specialize in providing an ideal solution for any industry or product to be tested, and configured for your specific needs, of course.

Featured in this article is the model C230 Temperature Chamber with custom apertures on four sides and a +325°C to -160°C temperature range. It includes features like:

  • Time-tested designs.
  • Award-winning synergy Nano temperature controller.
  • Alternate cooling methods

Meet your custom requirements in a better way than with off-the-shelf solutions. We give you two-year warranties and accessible, knowledgeable support before and after the sale.

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TotalTemp also offers a new product line of refrigerated custom thermal platforms capable of -70°C, without the need for expendable coolants.

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