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TotalTemp offers two new ways to elevate your testing with our thermal testing products. Beyond the normal ways that our Temperature Chambers and Chambers help you get the job done expeditiously, TotalTemp is offering: Thermal test equipment with Cloud Storage technology and also Space Simulation chambers.

Cloud Storage Technology

Supporting the effort to get product testing done correctly, repeatedly with consistently reported results, Synergy Server and available cloud storage technologies let you have your test data quickly and easily organized, with traceability.

The days of circle-chart recorders and hand plots are long gone, your test results can be reliably automatically stored. Reported to PDF, in email, directly to a network printer or to the Synergy Server. There is no need to file things by hand anymore

Cost savings, security, automation, accessibility, collaboration and recovery are all made easy with these features.

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the method of choice for Engineers and Managers who need to be responsible for test data.

Space Simulation Chambers

The efficient advantages of thermal platforms are a natural for conductive heat transfer in high vacuum applications. With all the new hardware going into space, where service calls are rare, thermal vacuum testing is important part of testing high altitude and satellite equipment.

–70°C to +175°C, vacuum to 1×10-6 Torr

Affordable and configurable for your application. Simultaneous high vacuum and thermal testing without renting time at a test lab. Thermal platforms to fit your vacuum chamber or fully turn-key systems. Platform shown inside bell jar is 6.5” x 7.5”, other sizes and different bell jars available.

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