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They are used in many places to simulate thermal environments. Typically for various specific test purposes. They are often used to stress test and validate electronic systems /components. They are also useful for tests with biological items, specimens, industrial products, materials and mechanical devices. Chambers are used to qualify the proper operation while the parts are being exposed to thermal environments, similar to what they will be expected to operate in while over product life. Temperature chambers can be optimized for specific testing such as burn-in, accelerated life testing, stress testing according to specific standards or simply to weed out early failures in any production.

TotalTemp is focused on Benchtop thermal test equipment and custom products. Larger chambers, Humidity salt spray are not our specialties, TotalTemp does offer Thermal Vacuum Products which performs best with the conductive heat transfer of a Temperature Chamber.

temperature control

This Model C230-N Temperature Chamber is designed for an extended temperature range.
With a workspace 12” high x 16” wide x nominal 12” deep.
Custom Apertures made to withstand extreme temperatures, mounted left side, right side, top and bottom of the chamber with a 4” nominal ID.

temperature control

Large size benchtop temperature chamber.The controller is able to rest on top or on a nearby bench.

Made to order with a competitive purchase price

Even heating and cooling or dual-zone option

Extremely fast temperature transition rates

High accuracy temperature sensors

Reliable Stainless Steel Interior

Optional Shelves for DUT

Excellent access to DUT

Made in America

Caster Stand Chambers & Benchtop Designs Available.

Cryogenic or as a mechanically refrigerated compressor-based system.

Three Quick-Ship Benchtop Models

Temperature Chambers

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