SC49/ SCC49 Refrigerated Thermal Platform

Model SC49-N for single stage refrigeration to -40°C

Model SCC49-N with cascade refrigeration to -75°C

add R to the end of part number for remote platform on 8’ umbilical

add B to the end of part number for fully benchtop platform system (benchtop system is greater than 150 Lbs

Primary Features & Benefits:

  • 6.5” x 7.5” thermally controlled surface, -75°C to +175°C
  • Fast temperature transition rates possible – comparable to some cryo systems.
  • Portable, proven, industry-standard ultra-low temp refrigeration system.
  • An energy-efficient single-stage refrigeration system capable of removing heat at -40°C.
  • Optional two-stage refrigeration system is available for cooling as low as -75°C.
  • No expendable L-N2 or L-CO2 tanks are needed, No Oxygen displacement.
  • Adapter plates available for custom fixturing.
  • Optional Polycarbonate cover reduces condensation and frost (Standard or Low ESD).
  • Optional Dry Air or G-N2 purge systems available.
  • Convenient options -fully benchtop design, split system with refrigeration under work bench or ‘R2D2’ style with platform on top of refrigeration chassis.
  • Uses our popular, premier Synergy Controller – Easy ramp and dwell profiles, remote control, logging, optional plotting, reporting and DUT sensors

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