Hybrid Benchtop Chamber

When you’re designing new equipment, you want to make sure that you’ve got all your bases covered. From user-friendliness to efficiency, there are often a lot of factors to consider before launching your industry’s products out into the world. However, some products are a little different – unlike consumer-bound products, space-bound products might need some extra attention. After all, launching those pieces of equipment often means launching them past the stratosphere; you’re definitely going to want to make sure you’ve planned for every error possible.

Temperature chamber testing is just one of those tests you’re going to want to run. By utilizing test services and testing equipment, you can ensure that your high-altitudes or rough climate materials aren’t going to experience any issues with temperature-based phenomenon. TotalTemp Technologies is here to help with any temperature test equipment necessary, including uniquely custom equipment and specific needs. Namely, size!


We offer small thermal chambers, micro thermal chambers, and medium thermal chambers.

If you’re testing out equipment, you may not need all the size and features offered on a larger chamber. Our benchtop-style temperature chamber saves space and money for any smaller tests you may be running. Furthermore, TotalTemp has unveiled a series of different sizes to accommodate all testing equipment.


What makes our temperature chamber stand out from the rest?

At the recent International Microwave Symposium, TotalTemp was proud to present the first true Hybrid Temperature Chamber/Platform combination, shortened to the Hybrid Benchtop Chamber. Whereas one was only able to purchase either a platform or a chamber, this benchtop-style chamber provides both! The floor of the chamber includes a functioning hot/cold plate, allowing you to use your temperature chamber for multiple purposes. Never before has there been a device that can do both; TotalTemp is proud to be the leading company in temperature chamber innovations.

Beyond its innovative hybrid component, the Hybrid Temperature Chamber / Platform is dedicated to quality. When we designed this temperature chamber, we had quality and consistency in mind. While we wanted to create something that would revolutionize the industry, we were committed to making something that would uphold the TotalTemp reputation. Whether our clients are launching products into outer space or just testing for rigorous environmental conditions, we want to make sure that their tests will let them go the extra mile.


What other features does our temperature chamber have?

Beyond our innovative hybrid design, we offer faster cycle times, improved thermal gradients, superior thermal uniformity, and a small footprint for expedient benchtop testing. That’s not to mention the automation features that can speed the process and provide printed results from the test. Finding a comparable device that offers consistent fast results for numerous tests,

uniformity in overall thermal test functionality, and fast cycle times is definitely an impossible task.

If you’re in the market for a thermal platform that’ll give your tests the accuracy and the expediency that you need, TotalTemp Technologies is here to help. Our platforms and temperature chambers are the best in the industry and our customer service is far above the others. Give us a call at (888) 712-2228 to set up a consultation or contact sales@totaltemptech.com; we’re excited to help you find the solution for your company.

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