Thermal Testing Choices – Value Tag

thermal chambers

Liquid Nitrogen has the ability to provide the fastest ramp rates and achieve the coldest temperatures. Temperatures down to -100ºC or colder are achievable with ramp rates over 50ºC per minute.  Typically the full range is not needed but in the event that future testing requires yet colder temperatures it is good to have the capability built in and not have to replace equipment....

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what is thermal performance

The question is often asked “what is the best temperature sensor for my temperature testing or environmental testing application?” The answers can vary a lot but the two main leaders of the pack are RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) followed by Thermocouples. If you are looking for the short answer of which is best, it is RTD's but here is a little more to the story...

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vibration testing standards

In the world of Test and Measurement, there are numerous options for your temperature testing equipment.  They can have a significant impact on costs, up front and ongoing as well as ease and quality of results.  For maximum value from your equipment, it is helpful to better understand the methods and choices available to you....

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