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A New Article About TotalTempTech!

We are happy to inform you that wrote an article about the best methods for benchtop thermal testing and they are talking about our equipment.

New Hot-Only Thermal Platforms

Hot-only Thermal Platforms, these platforms were initially designed for electro-migration solder processes hot-only testing. The new hot-only platforms are available with maximum temperature ranges of 200, 300, 400, and 450°C.

TotalTemp’s Newest Addition: SCC98-NR

SCC98-NR is a Thermal Platform System for efficient conductive thermal testing. It features an award-winning Synergy Nano programmable temperature controller and a two-year warranty

Custom Wide-Range Temperature Chambers

An environmental test chamber or temperature chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on electronic devices, components,  industrial products, or biological items – Chambers replicate the conditions they might be subjected to or determine properties in a specific environment.

Bigger Benchtop Thermal Testing

Thermal Testing of larger modules is now made easy with new larger thermal platform models.

The new SD288-N provides 288 square inches of thermal testing area for your device under test.

Space Simulation with Small Portable System

Space simulation adds another dimension to thermal testing.  In vacuum environments heat is transferred by radiation or conduction since transfer by air currents (convection) is of course not possible without air. This is easily accomplished using thermal platforms in portable T-vacuum systems.

TotalTemp Thermal Platform Integrated into Space Simulation Chamber

Specially configured Thermal Platform designed for heating and cooling through conduction while in a high altitude or vacuum environment. The TotalTemp Platform can be integrated into an existing vacuum chamber, as is shown in picture on left, or we can provide a complete turnkey system to solve your space simulation or other thermal vacuum challenges. Click here for more information about Space Simulation Chamber.

Thermal Testing Results Delivered… to your printer

Product testing takes time and requires careful tracking of results.  Thermal Platforms and Hybrid Benchtop Chambers with the Synergy Nano controller not only speed the thermal processes, They automate plotted results while avoiding chances for error. Thus easily producing meaningful data.

TotalTemp Technologies Company News

The TotalTemp Team had an excellent time at the IMS 2015 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ this last May 19-21. Many of you who visited our booth saw our latest NEW product, the Hybrid Benchtop Chamber. Thank you all for the very positive and encouraging feedback. This product is a keeper!

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