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Thermal Testing Optimized

It is well known that test and evaluation of production items is a very important part of producing quality products. The consequences of a lack of quality are unfortunately well known but the covering the bases with appropriate testing can be quite time consuming and expensive and easily run into the weeds of under testing, over testing or testing the wrong condition.  The tendency to error on the side of safety is generally accepted but the flip side of thorough


Why would you want to use LN2 for electronics testing?

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin In three words: Speed, Capacity, Reliability. LN2 hands down achieves those goals not to mention that purchase price and overall operating cost is lower in most cases. LN2 cooled systems easily allow the test equipment to get the parts to temperature quickly saving much money in shortened test times, tech time and maintenance time as well. They have very simple designs, low maintenance costs, require less lab space,

Thermal Platforms - TotalTemp Technologies

New Hot-Only Thermal Platforms

TotalTemp Technologies, the new leader in thermal platforms, has been widening its offerings more and more over time.    Hot-only Thermal Platforms, these platforms were initially designed for electro-migration solder processes hot-only testing. The new hot-only platforms are available with maximum temperature ranges 200, 300, 400 and 450°C.  Please specify your desired temperature range when ordering. Attractive pricing,  safety, and the same flexibility that current hot/cold models have.     Excellent access to DUT Extended temperatures range option (400°C shown here)

SCC98-NR - TotalTemp Technologies

TotalTemp’s Newest Addition: SCC98-NR

SCC98-NR is a Thermal Platform System for efficient conductive thermal testing. It features an award winning Synergy Nano programmable temperature controller and a two year warranty.  Alternate sizes, and many custom features are available to best meet your requirements.   This platform delivers precisely controlled temperature conditioning to devices that have a flat thermally conductive surface. When using thermal conduction to condition the device at hot and/or cold temperatures, the results are much faster than using thermal convection, as used

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Choosing Best Methods for Benchtop Thermal Testing

Chambers Vs. Thermal Platforms – “Best of Both” If you’re constructing a new plan to test electronic or RF products, you’ll want to consider different trade off options before narrowing in on one. For example, if you’re selecting a temperature chamber, the larger size may be a more fitting choice. This is especially true if you’re making financial commitments on testing equipment in preparation for the future. Always try to aim for the right, most appropriately sized equipment. Reasons to



Thermal Vacuum testing basics Thermal vacuum chambers provide environments that most realistically simulate the environment in which products and components will be used. For aerospace, the satellite and space vehicle systems, subsystems, and components must pass carefully planned environmental testing to ensure reliability and safety. Thermal vacuum chambers have been used for many years of reliability testing. Kennedy’s call to send a man to the moon required components of NASA’s Apollo Lunar Module, as well as the other electronics equipment

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What is the right temperature chamber for testing your product?

A temperature chamber is an essential testing mechanism for testing materials, devices, and various components for strength and robustness enabling the product to carry out the desired purposes (see Different Ways to Use Environmental Chambers) here. The chamber can test to exceed environmental conditions. Wikipedia assures, “a robust climate chamber can mimic a relatively wide range of warm environmental conditions, in terms of temperature and humidity (1).   The thermal chamber, then, artificially replicates conditions through environmental simulation to which


Different Ways to Use Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers are used by many industries to help design the perfect products or confirm safety and compliance for ones that are slated to be mass produced. For almost seven decades now, these chambers have been used to test all types of products from massive aerospace components to every day consumer packaged goods.