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TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature cycling and conditioning equipment.

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Address: 3630 Hancock St A, San Diego, CA 92110, USA

TotalTemp Technologies Company News


New Products:

TotalTemp’s Hybrid Benchtop Chamber


Is it a Chamber? Is it a Platform? It’s BOTH!: Recently unveiled at the IMS Symposium in May/2015, this is the first true Temperature Chamber/Platform combination called the Hybrid Benchtop Chamber. The floor of the chamber is a completely functioning Hot/Cold Plate, independent or simultaneous with the chamber.





TotalTemp Thermal Platform Integrated into Space Simulation Chamber


Specially configured Thermal Platform designed for heating and cooling through conduction while in a high altitude or vacuum environment. The TotalTemp Platform can be integrated into an existing vacuum chamber, as is shown in picture on left, or we can provide a complete turnkey system to solve your space simulation or other thermal vacuum challenges.



The NEW Mechanically Refrigerated SC49


TotalTemp has recently completed development on a new standard model SC49 platform that is designed to fit the compressor cabinet remotely under the bench, with the platform on an 8′ umbilical allowing it to rest one the bench. This Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platform comes with these advantages:

  • Needs no expendable coolants
  • -40º C with single stage compressor
  • Optional one piece design that fits on most bench tops
  • Optional remote under bench configuration
  • Proven industry standard ultra-ultra-low temp refrigeration system



The NEW Standard Model SD98


The Model SD98 Thermal Platform with a 6.5″ x 15″ usable surface area is a perfect example of how any of our standard platform sizes can easily be “doubled up” for other size configurations if more suitable for your application. In this case the 6.5” x 7.5” SD49 was built as a larger single zone plate, but in a double width configuration.



TotalTemp’s Independent & Retrofitable Hi/Low Precision Failsafe System


This system provides truly independent safety and security from any failsafe issues that might occur and can be retrofitted to most existing Thermal Platforms or Temperature Chambers. This unit is intended to supply power to and protect any temperature chamber, thermal platform or other thermal system from selectable ranges of extreme temperatures. Designed to be easily customized to meet your unique and specific needs.



TotalTemp exhibited at the IMS 2015 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ in May


The TotalTemp Team had an excellent time at the IMS 2015 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ this last May 19-21. Many of you who visited our booth saw our latest NEW product, the Hybrid Benchtop Chamber. Thank you all for the very positive and encouraging feedback. This product is a keeper!



All our standard Thermal Platform models are now available with CE mark. TotalTemp has recently completed the CE certification process for our standard platform models so they can be made available to the European Community. The EU countries have been asking for an alternative platform, now they have it!

Coming soon:

  • New, larger size thermal platforms
  • Small benchtop temperature chambers.