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Bigger Benchtop Thermal Testing

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Bigger Benchtop Thermal Testing

Thermal Testing of larger modules is now made easy with new larger thermal platform models.


The new SD288-N provides 288 square inches of thermal testing area for your device under test.


Larger, higher power items such as TWTs and amplifiers are easily accommodated with this 12″ x 24″ precision surface.  It is also a good choice for larger or multiple Hybrid / MMICs. Over 4000 watts of heat removal capability!


Thermal imaging reveals impressive uniformity of cooling.  Model SD288 has six identical evenly distributed cooling channels.  This ensures no hot spots or cold spots.



Likewise,16 linear heater elements ensure even heating.




Larger modules can easily be tested right on the benchtop with assurance of rapid test uniformity such as for meeting MIL-STD-883.


Programmable temperature control instrumentation with Multi point DUT sensing module and advanced temperature control algorithms can automatically produce printed test logging results to a network printer and real time reports in record time.




Test Stats are easily sent to email or text messaging systems.





Next time we will talk about the multichannel logging capabilities and advanced temperature control with the TE-1299-16, 16 channel logging accessory for the Synergy Nano.



Knowledgeable tech support at TotalTemp Technologies are available to help improve your thermal testing.