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TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature cycling and conditioning equipment.

Phone: +1 888-712-2228
Address: 3630 Hancock St A, San Diego, CA 92110, USA

Options and Accessories | Thermal Platforms


  • Dry Nitrogen purge systems
  • Purge box, Probing over, Custom enclosures
  • Purge Temperature Conditioning
  • Clamping systems
  • Bench Top or Rack Mount Controllers
  • Convenient connection for secondary sensors
  • Custom threaded hole patterns for DUT mounting
  • TotalTemp Technologies now offers retrofit controllers to replace older style controllers in the field


  • Heavy Duty Clamp System(HDC)
  • HDC Arm Extender
  • Medium Duty Clamp System
  • Light Duty Clamp System
  • Two Point Clamps System
  • RTD’s and Thermocouple
  • DUT sensors
  • Adapter plates
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Armored L-N2
  • Vacuum jacketed L-N2 delivery hose
  • Low pressure L-CO2 delivery hose
  • Oxygen Safety Sensor

Heavy Duty Clamps

thermal chamber window

Light Duty Clamp

Clamp set, Kopal Clamp, Piccolo,

Medium Clamp

thermal chamber window

Light Duty Two Point Clamp

Adjustable Toggle Clamp

TotalTemp Technologies Options & Accessories

TotalTemp Technologies, Inc.




Tel: 888-712-2228

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