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TotalTemp Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of temperature cycling and conditioning equipment.

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Address: 3630 Hancock St A, San Diego, CA 92110, USA

Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms

Consult factory for cascade refrigeration systems capable of reaching -80C

Primary Features & Benefits:

  • Fast transition rates – close to Cryogenic platforms
  • Proven, Industry standard ultra-low temp refrigeration system
  • Portable, just plug it in
  • Uses popular Synergy programmable controller
  • Programmable controller features Logging, graphing, flexible configurations
  • Serial, USB, Ethernet, SPTP, and FTP all come standard
    Optional Web server and GPIB communication
  • No expensive, bulky and inconvenient L-N2 or L-CO2 tanks needed
  • No Oxygen displacement concerns of Cryo systems
  • Device-Under-Test probe, remote controller and other options are available
  • Benchtop or under bench remote refrigeration stand (shown)
  • Efficient single stage refrigeration system runs on 120VAC
  • Single stage refrigeration system is capable of removing heat at -40°C
    Consult Factory for colder temperatures
  • Reliable silver soldered copper tube evaporator and full system design
  • Polycarbonate cover available for reducing condensation and frost

Model Specs:


Specs: Model # SC14 3.75″ x 3.75″ usable surface area (14 sq in / 90 sq cm)

Specs: Model # SC49 6.5″ x 7.5″ usable surface area (49 sq in / 315 sq cm)

Specs: Model # SC144 12″ x 12″ usable surface area (144 sq in / 929 sq cm)

Specs: Model # SC288 12″ x 24″ usable surface area (288 sq in / 1858 sq cm)

The Next Generation TotalTemp Thermal Platforms

The Next Generation TotalTemp Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms are specifically designed for customers who do not have or do not want to use expendable cryogenic coolants and who do not require fast hot to cold ramp times. These platforms deliver efficient and precisely controlled temperature conditioning to devices that have a flat thermally conductive surface. When using thermal conduction to condition the device at hot and/or cold temperatures, the results are much faster than using thermal convection, as used in environmental chambers.

The unique embedded copper tube cooling channel concept designed by TotalTemp, successfully integrated with a high density arrangement of long life durable AC cartridge heaters, provides a comprehensive system able to deliver hot and cold temperature cycling and conditioning on demand. With extremely accurate temperature uniformity and minimal thermal gradients at temperature, TTI has truly created “The Next Generation in Performance” at a price you can handle!

All TotalTemp Mechanically Refrigerated products are designed to operate between -40°C and +200°C with a single stage compressor. Our SuperFast Refrigerated Thermal Platform systems use commercial off the shelf (COTS) ultra low temperature refrigeration compressor components. The SC49-N single stage system can cool the 7.5″ x 6.5″ surface from +120°C to -40°C in less than 8 minutes. That’s an average of better than 20 degrees per minute for the whole transition from hot to cold.

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