Limit controller

Thermal Range Safety

All TotalTemp thermal platforms have a resettable latching, built in over temperature safety device. Synergy Nano and Watlow EZ Zone controller both have built in range safety to protect against possible thermal runaway. Both sensor range error limits and set point limits are employed to improve safety. Optional failsafe limit controller are offered to further enhance safety. Limit controller will shut down power to heating and cooling circuits in the event of out of range hot or cold conditions. Easily read and set by user. Large LED display indicates temperature and status Optionally can disable a redundant coolant valve to protect against primary coolant valve failure.

Synergy Nano with optional Thermal Range Safety Controller.
Watlow EZ-Zone with optional Thermal Range Safety Controller.

Independent and Retrofittable Hi/Low Precision Failsafe System

This system provides truly independent safety and security from any failsafe issues that might occur and can be retrofitted to most existing Thermal Platforms or Temperature Chambers.  This unit is intended to supply power to and protect any temperature chamber, thermal platform or other thermal system from selectable ranges of extreme temperatures.   Designed to be easily customized to meet your unique and specific needs:

Fail Safe Controller

TotalTemp’s Independent & Retrofittable Hi/Low Precision Failsafe System

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