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Synergy Nano Temperature Controller

Efficient, fast and accurate temperature cycling on a thermal platform just got a lot easier. If you are ready to upgrade from the more limited control options of the other platform manufacturers, please read on.

The Synergy Nano controller employs a common user and programming interface and provides OEMs, test labs, and production facilities with cost-effective integration of control, logging and connectivity features, and is appropriate for use in the broadest spectrum of environmental testing applications including temperature cycling and conditioning, thermal shock, and thermal vacuum testing processes.

The Synergy Controllers are ideal for use in platforms when controlled environments are essential for the testing, screening, and calibration of mission-critical systems and components. Designed to take complete command of the platform's conditioning systems, its logic circuits automatically select heating/cooling modes as required, and totally controls programming of temperature, ramping, and dwell times as needed.

The Synergy Nano combines the functions of a ramping thermal platform controller and a data logger. It moreover allows users to program up to six custom outputs for special applications and optional features. Process inputs include RTD, Thermocouple, voltage and current. Boasting the Microsoft Windows™ CE.NET operating system, this stable, feature-rich system's sophisticated communications capabilities also include built-in remote control/monitoring. The Synergy Nano Controller also easily retrofits into legacy equipment.

Features and Benefits

Synergy Nano shown with optional wireless mouse. Dim. 5" x 8-3/16" x 8-1/2" (HWD)
With feet and tilt stand - 5-1/2" x 10" x 10"

Retrofit versions available!

See Accessories Page for image of retrofit controller and link to support documentation.

Remote Access

Remotely access Synergy Nano on any networked computer, even iPad.

WebTouch Remote software makes remote monitoring and control easy.
Click HERE for video demonstration

The Synergy Family of Controllers now automatically plot test results to network printers and can e-mail PDF formatted plots, without a PC. BTRC-benchmaster_test_06-05-2012_16.25.06.pdf. These new optional features augment advanced controller capabilities like Web-based remote control, a 100 MB logging system, and the widest range of application support including temperature, humidity, altitude, HALT/HASS, thermal shock chambers and thermal platforms.

Synergy Nano Controller Documents:

Synergy Nano Spec Sheet
Synergy Nano Full Technical Manual

Watlow EZ-ZONE PM Temperature Controller

Features and Benefits

Watlow EZ-ZONE PM Temperature Controller
Dim. 2-3/4" x 10" x 10" (HWD)
With feet and tilt stand - 3-1/2" x 10" x 10"

Watlow Controller documents:

Watlow EZ-Zone Temperature Controller
Watlow EZ-Zone Temperature Controller Technical Manual
Note: Also covers Failsafe Limit controllers used by TotalTemp.

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