About Us:

The primary goal for TotalTemp is to maximize the combined 40 years experience we have in this highly specialized field and create a new, alternative, "Next Generation" Thermal Platforms and Temperature Testing equipment. Our Mission is to offer thermal testing equipment that best suits or customers' requirements. For several decades there were only two real manufacturers for thermal platforms. It was no secret that the market demanded a new alternative with better service and lower costs. We heard you loud and clear and TotalTemp is here to fill that need. A few basics -

  1. By integrating our platform with the Synergy Nano Temperature Controller by Tidal Engineering, you get the added benefit of a market proven, award winning fully programmable controller. The Synergy Nano incorporates all the state of the art features you need for fast, reliable, and efficient performance. It has an impressive array of other capabilities that don’t get in the way when you just need to do a simple test.
  2. The Next Generation TotalTemp platform concept is new, not a copy. TotalTemp has actually developed a cooling system uniquely improved from existing cooling channel designs. The previous cooling channel design is more expensive to manufacture and results in a higher system price. The new TotalTemp platform design with the embedded copper tubing is an engineered upgrade on performance with a vast improvement on price.
  3. Lower prices are now a primary advantage for you because of TotalTemp's ability to utilize higher production components that have the proven benefit of reduced costs, increased quality and consistent reliability.
  4. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. John Booher was the Chief Electrical Engineer and primary tech support officer for a well known thermal test equipment product company for 24 years with thousands of satisfied customers to credit. As the primary officers of TotalTemp, we are fully committed to providing outstanding customer service, and this dedication is embraced by our employees as well.

From our Mission Statement:

TotalTemp Technologies is committed to the belief that excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations.

Please allow TotalTemp to show you "A New Generation of Excellent Customer Service."